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DEFINITION: CHARACTER is values and traits that guide behavior for an individual or group encompassing all age levels.

COMMUNITY OF CHARACTER: A community working together to build and promote positive attitudes based on character traits.

PHILOSOPHY: The philosophy of our effort is based on the concept that CHARACTER does make a difference. As caretakers of the community, every man, woman, and child must promote high standards of personal and professional conduct. Behavior that is courteous, kind, lawful, moral, and ethical strengthens the community and enhances our ability to create a better quality of life. All citizens, young and old, need to commit to building a Community of Character.

VISION STATEMENT: The citizens of Miami County will be committed to:

      Developing and promoting exemplary personal character, professional integrity and a sense of honorable service within ourselves, each other, and the community;

      Developing a strong community through promotion of family, community, and church;

      Developing trust-based relationships to establish peaceful and productive neighborhoods.

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the citizens, their families, and the community as a whole by promoting values and character traits that guide positive behavior.

STRATEGIC PLAN: Our plan is to invite, encourage, and enlist the entire county – citizens, businesses, industry, schools, churches, government, clubs, and special interest groups – in practicing, teaching, and involving others in the development of the following character traits, one per month:

January COOPERATION Working together to accomplish a common goal

February HONESTY Fairness and truthfulness in word and action

March FORGIVENESS Accepting and excusing previous wrongdoings without holding a grudge

April LOYALTY Unity of purpose

May COURAGE Doing the right thing at any cost

June RESPECT Treat others as you want to be treated

July CITIZENSHIP Doing your share to make things in the community better

August RESPONSIBILITY Knowing and doing what is expected

September PERSEVERANCE Working hard and not giving up

October TRUSTWORTHY Establishing credibility by keeping your word

November GENEROSITY Selfless sharing of one’s time, talent, and resources

December COMPASSION Investing oneself in healing the hurts of others

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Further information is available through the City of Peru Mayor's Office at 765.472-2400 or check out these Community of Character links:

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